Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre, Canada

The Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre is actually a public aquarium and is located within Stanley Park in Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. Besides being popular tourist attractions in Canada, this aquarium is a hub designed for the conservation, marine research, and marine animal rehabilitation.


The Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre was known to be one of the earliest facilities for incorporating professional naturalists within the galleries for interpreting animal behaviors. Earlier than this, at the renowned London Zoo Fish House, sevrral naturalists, which include James S. Bowerbank, Mr D. Mitchell, Philip Henry Gosse (the inventor of this word aquarium) and Dr. E Lankester had frequently held the events of ”open house”, on the other hand the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre was the earliest for employing educational naturalists on a permanent basis.


The research projects of this aquarium extend worldwide, as well as include the rescue of marine mammal as well as rehabilitation.


This aquarium is operated by a self-sustaining non-profit organization. In addition, the function of this aquarium receives no funding from the state government. This property is possessed by the City of Vancouver as well as given as a loan to this aquarium for around $40,000 for each year since the year 1991 (earlier than that it was $1 per year).


In 2009 October the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre was elected by the US Environmental Protection Agency as a Coastal America Learning Center. Being the foremost Learning Center all across Canada, this name is intended for strengthening the Canadian and U.S. partnership to protect and restore shared resources of the ocean.


The Vancouver Public Aquarium Association was shaped by UBC fisheries in 1950 and it was assisted by oceanography professors Carl Lietze, Wilbert Clemens, and Murray Newman. It was opened in the year 1956, June 15, later than receiving the assistance of H.R. MacMillan, the timber baron and George Cunningham, the alderman and businessman as well as $100,000 from all of the three main levels of the government. (City of Vancouver, then Province of British Columbia, and Federal Government of Canada.)


Officially it is the first public Aquarium in Canada. Furthermore, the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre has developed into the largest across Canada as well as one of the largest five across North America. In addition, the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre was the earliest aquarium in the world for capturing and displaying an orca. The various other whales as well as dolphins on show included narwhals, dolphins, and belugas.


In the year 1975, the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre was the very first aquarium that was accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). The Aquarium is also accredited through the Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA) as well as in the year 1987 was designated by the Canadian Federal Government as Pacific National Aquarium of Canada. On 23 July, 1995, a huge beluga whale was born and was named Qila. In addition, she was the earliest beluga to be both born as well as conceived in this Canadian aquarium.

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