The Story Of The Affiliate Way Network

My name is Tawn also known as The Affiliate Way Network. Its funny how many emails I get asking what in the world is The Affiliate Way Network. To be honest it’s a long story that I really don’t like explaining because I don’t want to bore people. Now, it’s important for me to explain because this has been a life changer for my family and me.

About 3 years ago I was working for Countrywide Home Loans making a nice living as a single man. The Mortgage/Real Estate industry was my life which I held many positions in different departments over a 9 year period. My positions were IT Support Specialist, Software Trainer, Mortgage Closer, Mortgage Processor, Mortgage Underwriter, and a Post Sale Foreclosure Rep. I would travel the world every week working in different cities and I loved every minute of it. I had the power and cash to pretty much do what I wanted to do. That all changed once the refi boom ended.

After the refi boom I got married to the love of my life and started to focus on being a family man after being single for so long. My wife had been a surgical technician for years so we were making a great living. A year into our marriage my wife became pregnant. We were living in downtown Phoenix, AZ. in a nice condo we purchased. We were on cloud 5 million and our lives were on the up and up. Then with a blink of an eye everything started falling like a ton of bricks. My wife was laid off because they didn’t want to pay for her maternity. We were going to sue but my wife did not need to be stressed out being pregnant.

Times got real rough after my wife lost her job. Since we were living downtown in a luxury condo, cost started to put a strain on us. I couldn’t pay for everything with my income alone so we had to move. We moved to a nice house in West Phoenix as it was allot cheaper. Once we moved everything started to stabilize until I found out I needed knee surgery because of a defect that goes back to me place sports as a kid. My wife was 8-9months pregnant at the time and she had to help me get dressed and drive me to work every day. I couldn’t walk for about 6months so my wife had to do everything. ”TALK ABOUT A SOLDIER!!!”

Once our son was born things started to get better as family stepped in to help out. With the new joy in our life we really didn’t worry about anything else. My leg was getting better, the bills were getting paid, and we had help from the family. Then all of a sudden my wife started having complications from the birth. Our son wasn’t a natural birth as my wife had to get a c-section. She was having serious stomach pains and doctors didn’t really know what it was. They had to go in again and take out scar tissue which is hereditary in her family. After the surgery months go by and she is still experiencing severe abdominal pain. Doctors go in again and find a cyst on one of her ovaries which they correct. After another surgery they said she should not be in any pain anymore. Well the pain never went away…..She had a fourth surgery that ended up being a partial hysterectomy. They only took her uterus because they didn’t want her going thru full menopause at the age of 28.

After the hysterectomy the unthinkable happened. I was laid off because of the recession, the downfall of Countrywide Home Loans as we know. Now I have a sick wife, a new born child, no job, and NO INSURANCE. Talk about stress!! I didn’t know what to do at the time. My wife didn’t get any better as a matter a fact the doctor told us she has a disease call chronic pelvic pain which there is no cure. My wife will be on medication for the rest of her life which means she will never work again. We are still fighting as I speak to get her social security. So what I did was hit the internet trying to find different ways to make money. For months I would make some money then get scammed out of my money. It was very frustrating but I did what I had to do. Most of my education came from YouTube and just doing normal research on Google like I was back in school. If I didn’t have a supporting cast of family and the knowledge I gained from the internet we would have lost everything.

After months of frustration I got a call from one of my good friends I worked with at Countrywide. He told me that an internet company was hiring with no experience needed. The pay wasn’t great but it was something that could pay the bills. It was a no brainer for me as I had been making small amounts of money online to keep us afloat. I was hired on the spot and started 4 days later. My career with the company seemed promising as I was promoted to supervisor in one year of working. I was training individuals and small businesses how to create an online business and promote it or market their current business. The company had over 30,000 students which I personally trained over 5000 of them myself. While working for the company I decided to create my own entity online. I used my name T.A.W.N and I created The Affiliate Way Network. The reason I came up with that name was simple, I was training affiliate marketing and media placement. It was just a hobby for me since I had a full time job. Things started to get better as my wife started to adjust with her condition and enjoying our son.

I thought things were getting better but the more I worked the worse it got. Don’t get me wrong everything was great at home but the job was another story. The company I was working for were scamming people left and right. That was very disappointing and disturbing. My students would complain about what they were promised by the company and never got results. I felt really bad because the company wanted me to smooth out things and just keep them happy. IN OTHER WORDS LIE TO THEM!!! So what I would do is give them things my company wouldn’t. Some of the methods and tricks I would provide them my company didn’t know about. Not to be big headed but it was the truth. I would make video tutorials for my students so they didn’t have to call in all the time. Everything I was doing for The Affiliate Way Network I would provide to my students. Like I said before I do a lot of research. The only reason my students were staying with the company was because of me. They understood I cared about their success as that was a reflection on me. I would go above and beyond for my students and they knew that. My company was all about the money and not about the client.

My wife and I decided to move to North Carolina and I never thought the company would keep me. Well they did as I would work remotely from home. We moved on September 25th 2009 and everything went well. On October 17th 2009 they let me go. Their reason was because of the recession, but the real reason was that they were losing money because of all the cancellations. I was actually happy that they let me go because now I can focus on The Affiliate Way Network. I’m glad they let me go because now I don’t have to lie anymore. Most of my students have migrated to my services which are very affordable and I will go above and beyond for them. The Affiliate Way Network is nothing more than a training center that helps you use the internet to market yourself or business. Like I said before, this was a hobby to me but now it’s a business I enjoy. My saying is: ”I LOVE WHAT I DO, I DO WHAT I LOVE.” Now I have the power to do what I want when I want again. I will never work for anyone else and not only that; I get to help people which have been my passion since I can remember. This is why The Affiliate Way Network exists and how it came about.

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