The Probability Of Identity Theft For Your Family Is Almost 100%

The Identity Theft Crisis is spreading to every part of our lives from the internet to our local ATMs. More than ever we need to be educated to the risks and how to avoid them. The true stories listed below happen every day, maybe by having an awareness of what has happened to others we can avoid similar problems.

1. A person’s Social Security number may be the most valuable and easiest number for criminals to use. Income Tax season is a busy time for criminals who will fill out a fraudulent tax return in your name and collect your refund. To add insult to injury the IRS is no help; as far as they are concerned they have sent the refund to you.

2. Violent gangs like the Crips, Bloods and MS-13 pay $5 to $10 to fast food restaurant employees to SWIPE your credit card number.

3. Child Identity Theft occurs when a family member or friend has access to private information that is abused and may not show up for years.

4. SMISHING is where you get a text-message from your BANK reporting: there is an error on your account at ABC Bank, you are directed to call a number, a message says to leave the last 4 digits of your social security number and your pin code. People do it everyday.

5. Your low-tech mail box is one of the easiest places for ID thieves to get information.

6. In hospitals and nursing homes the records of the elderly are easily available to all.

7. Every one, you would think, has seen the Nigerian Theft Scam where an e-mail promises a lot of money for a little help getting papers signed in the US.

8. ATM setup involves inserting a trap devise in machine and the next customer comes by and can’t get his card out. The thief just happens to be in the area and offers assistance because the same problem happened to them, they then take the card when the frustrated customer leaves. Of course the thief does see your pin code in the process of this ordeal.

9. Jury Duty Scam happens when you get a call from a local court claiming your failure to report will result in a warrant being issued for your arrest. To prove who you are they have the nerve to ask for your Social Security number and credit card information.

10. So-called Gym Rats are notorious for breaking into lockers when you are working out; every one knows your identification is probably in the locker.

11. Believe it or not, it is very common for a person with a little inside information about you and your real estate holding to go to the County Assessor’s Office and file fraudulent GRANT DEEDS and change ownership of the property to themselves. With this they can get loans against the properties and disappear with the money.

12. Medical Identity Theft occurs when the criminal uses your health insurance to file either real or fraudulent claims. Organized Crime loves this form of identity theft because of the huge amounts of money made, they use crooked doctors and people on welfare quite often.

13. Every time you make copies of private information on a Copy Machine at work or a copy center there is a copy saved on the machine’s hard drive. These drives are rarely cleaned and end up being inspected by identity thieves for useful information.

14. Young people in particular put the most sensitive information imaginable on FACEBOOK that criminals can use against them.

15. Medicare Cards, that every person retired on Social Security has to keep with them on their medical visits, has their SS# printed on it, for all to see, is often times used by criminals.

16.Utility companies have a big problem with thieves calling customers and threatening to cut off their service if they don’t make a modest payment with their credit card.

17.Free Reverse Cell Phone lookups are an easy way for criminals to go to the internet and get more information than you can believe about your private records even directions to your home.

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