The "four Moves" Bigger And Stronger Feathers Industry

    Rui filed as new, well known in the Huangchuan County, he is Huangchuan County feathers Industry Association, Xinyang City term and second deputies. It was his leadership in order to elaborate service as the red line, leading through education, building bases, creating associations, cited the project, and lead a successful Huangchuan County feather industry out of a ”company + base + farmers” in industrial operation of the Road, to promote feather industries continue to grow, Huangchuan County has become the nation’s largest processing base of feathers craft. Huangchuan County feather Industry Association was formally established in 2005, the existing 56 member enterprises, of which six above-scale enterprises, the annual output value of up to 2 billion yuan, and exports to Europe, America and Southeast Asia more than 50 countries and regions, the annual foreign exchange of 800 million U.S. dollars.

    At present, Huangchuan County feather industry has spread to 37 counties surrounding six towns, employing over 40000 people, employing an average annual income is 5,000 yuan. Rui make a new start in thinking under the guidance of member companies products from a single species has extended to the mask, feather fan, Yuchi, top, tree and other decorations nine series over 500 varieties. In the Rui for new leadership, Huangchuan County feather processing industry has become a local farmer, one of the pillar industries of employment and income for farmers has made outstanding contributions.

    The first step Chess: nurturing leading, enterprise Echelon Development

    Rui as a new market research led by members of the Association from the start, and after in-depth feasibility studies, clarify the development ideas, to make clear the industry bigger and stronger, we must give prominence to cultivate leading enterprises in the central link, and then leading enterprises lead the industry as a whole feathers rapid development. Clear development ideas, he started doing a few things: First, fight for enterprise development policy environment. Through his tireless efforts to strive for the higher authorities of the power and water supply, tax rebates, preferential loans, marketing services and a series of preferential policies.

It is in these preferential policies to support, birth fostered Yongjiang, feather headdress, Fukang companies, a number of private backbone enterprises. The second is an echelon of development model. Relying on key enterprises make full use of local human resources, continuously improve the industry, radiation effects. Formed a Yongjiang, feather ornaments, Fukang company as the first echelon, Lui, Choi, and enrich the feathers for the second-tier companies, other businesses for the third tier of feathers enterprise group. The feathers of existing processing and related businesses, the assets of 1,000 million yuan of 6, 500 million or over 16, 100 million or over 34, has formed a strong industry scale. The third is to extend the industry chain.

    With the feather industry, rolling development, and gradually form a stable industrial chain, feather products Mold Factory, feather crafts packing plants, feathers, gold thread, and feather products factory paste glue factory, also have developed, showing a multi-sector driven industry, , industry interactive development pattern, improve the processing of the feathers industrial system, lengthen the production chain, and greatly increased the degree of industrialization and enhance market competitiveness of the industry has consolidated Huangchuan feathers craft products in the market leading position.

    Step chess: to establish a base, consolidate the industrial base

    Base is a foundation for industrial development, the backbone of business is Huangchuan feather industry, the backbone of development and growth, we should cultivate the nucleus into a wealthy and strong village’s pillar industries, we must give full play to its leading role of radiation, the establishment of industrial bases, in order to attract, promote more rural labor force engaged in the industry.

    Rui as new in this issue has a clear plan, so that the following points: First, from point to area. Of each processing enterprises as its radiation source to drive people around in the industry, so that a company led a labor force. Second, even the point into a line. Businesses and practitioners through the planning feather farmers more convenient to transport along the road together to form a feather industrial belt, so that a road to connect an enterprise. Third, and lines to cover, three-dimensional development. While paying attention to along the road to build businesses also pay attention to the coverage of each enterprise as much as possible, make full use of labor, vacuum does not appear to form a large industrial base, accelerating the pace of industrial development, strengthening the industrial base. Fourth, to the peripheral expansion. The Huangchuan County feather industry, radiation has been set up in the surrounding seven counties has played a feather industrial factory, so that more peripheral parts of the rural labor force to employment.

    The third moves: create a chamber of commerce, enhance self-regulation

In order to facilitate the continuous development of industry feathers grow, to adapt to tough market competition among enterprises is bound to form a group toward a mutually beneficial and win-win model. To this end, 2005, Rui to make new efforts under the coordination of voluntary participation by companies in accordance with the principles of feathers, the creation of a ”Huangchuan County feather Industry Association,” and the establishment of the association charter. Society is a shield companies against the risk, through the Association of this platform to play the role of industry self-regulatory organization, joins the government, enterprises and society, and timely reflect the aspirations and wishes of enterprises, accurate delivery of government policy intentions, to assist the Government to guide and regulate market competition behavior, effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of various businesses.

    After its establishment, led by Rui as a new member of the Society actively and effectively carry out a number of tasks:

    One is for members to actively provide market information and technology services. Chamber of Commerce, to understand the basic situation of domestic and foreign manufacturers and products, the latest science and technology, the latest information throughout the product demand and supply, market prices and changes in development trends on a regular basis to provide timely information to the general membership, members of the supply and demand information through Chamber of Commerce public announcement. Association member companies have been organized annually in Europe, the Americas and other regions, as well as Wenzhou, Guangzhou and other coastal cities to inspect and actively fought for the feather industrial Zheng Fair, Canton Fair booth.

     Second, strengthen industrial self-discipline supervision and inspection. Through the timely peer on the market of competition between the improper conduct norms, to strengthen industry self-regulation, strict product quality control, purification product markets.

     Third, development of the industry as a good staff. Rui led to a new industry association into full play the guiding role of the staff to regularly organize the status quo industry research, and hire experts to conduct technical and market development seminars, scientific information and changes in product demand forecasting trends and for the production and operation on the prominent problems, to make reasonable suggestions , but also for the local government development planning to provide guidance to promote the sound development of the industry.

     4 is an integrated inter-firm technology, market, capital and other resources. In the Association’s efforts, by breaking the barriers, the feathers of various resources among enterprises to integrate and implement the resource sharing, and on this basis to achieve overall improvement of technology, not only has a level of product quality, but also strengthened the Huangchuan County feather industry, the overall market competitiveness.

     The fourth moves: the introduction of the project, extend industry chain

     To promote the rapid development of feather industry, led by the Association for Rui as a new implementation of the ”Project Strategy”, using a wide range of foreign contacts, and actively guide social capital, foreign capital to Huangchuan investment in the poultry farming, feather processing, export trade and other industries, La feathers industry chain, thereby enhancing the overall economic benefits of the industry. In 2006, through attracting foreign investments, Huangchuan County, Zhang Jixiang feather processing base project has been classified as Huangchuan County Top Ten City, one of the key projects; through the reporting process processing service centers, feathers, so that the level of processing technology feathers taken as a whole to a a new level, improve the product grade and enhanced market competitiveness; this year, he had active contacts in turn the introduction of an investment in waste water treatment business, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of feather industry.

     Passing through this ”four moves”, Huangchuan County feather industry has developed into a good development prospects sunrise industry, not only for local economic development flying wings, but also for the local building a new socialist countryside laid the industrial base providing industry support. Because of the outstanding contribution as a new Rui, who was named ”model worker in Henan Province”, ”Xinyang City labor model”, ”excellent director township and village enterprises (managers)”, ”Xinyang City, top-notch professional and technical personnel” and so on.

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