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Tips on Repaying Student Loans

For most UK students in order to make it through university they’ll need to apply for student loans, the loans provided by the Student Loans Company are served after determining course fees, the level of support you’ll receive from your parents and take in to consideration that you’ll need to pay for accommodation and books. […]

Unemployed Student Car Loans – Learn How To Get Yours Now

If you are a student, you probably have limited or no credit (or perhaps even bad credit) but still yet you need a car to get your from Point A to Point B and back again. Walking everywhere is time consumptive and sometimes not weather-permitting. Having a car is definitely a great luxury for a […]

Low Interest College Student Loans: Finance Your Future

  Students are future borrowers – borrowers of a bright and prospective life. What all the quality parameter behind the success of a student is, of course, his/her educational profile. Possibly, it is hard for every student to avail the same course stream as different courses contain their respective costs and charges. More so, the […]

Guaranteed Money With These 8 Types of Student Loans

Holy Cow, I had no idea there were so many different types of student loans available to the high school graduate. This guide will reveal the 8 different types of student loans you can chose from, as well as the positives/negatives of each and the little secrets we found out that will help you decide […]

Sources For College Money

So you need money for college.For yourself, your spouse, or your kid who is quite content to live at home for the next 40 yrs.You have the choices of scholarships, grants, or loans from either government or private sources. Naturally the scholarships and grants are the preferred route since neither has to be repaid. Not […]