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Tips for Consolidation of Student Loans

Many of us graduating or who had graduated from college carry a large financial burden in repaying our student loans. Add in other responsibilities such as rent, mortgage, car payments, maybe even a family, the weight can indeed be very heavy. Examining options that could help relieve financial burdens is always a good idea. In […]

How to Fund your College Education Expenses

You have read the brochures, you have made your college choice, now comes the tough part of determining how you are going to pay for your college education. If you are like most students, you are not independently wealthy and so you start looking at student loan applications. This is the way that the vast […]

The Best Way To Find College Loans

In most families, parents are the main source of funding for college costs. With the costs of college spiraling upwards, however, parents and students often need to find additional sources of money. Here are some ideas on how many families and college bound students can pick up some extra help. The best sources of college […]

The Search for a Student Loan

So you are thinking of going back to school? There are many sources of student financing. CanLearn is Canada\’s government sponsored student loan program. It is designed to help prospective students plan out the financing methods of their post-secondary education. CanLearn can be used to plan, find, and pay your student loans or credit lines. […]

Getting Money For Education

When you have turned for your student loan you will get a letter of assessment declaring the sum you will receive. You can appeal it if you don\’t agree with it. You can contact your territorial or provincial student aid office for assistance on appealing the loan assessment. Also, your college will need to bear […]