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How Does A Reverse Mortgage Work – Learn More about Reverse Mortgage for Free

The Internet has become a one-stop shop where anyone can find anything and everything that they may be, looking for.  This could range from availing home furniture in Italy to be delivered right to your doorstep to gaining training for a number of courses free of charge.  One particular course that is now being offered […]

The Top 5 Resources for the Scoop on Reverse Mortgages

Are you considering a reverse mortgage?  The internet has much of the information you need to help you through the reverse mortgage process.  Here we will highlight five comprehensive websites for you to gather the facts and put your reverse mortgage plan into action. AARP The America Association for Retired Persons provides a wealth of […]

Finally A Performace Based Direct Mail Campaign | Smart Leads Direct Mail RESPONDER Lead Campaign

  Finally a performance based direct mail campaign!   SmartLeadz has taken the time, hassle, risk and cost out of direct mail and we only deliver results.     How this program works   We send direct mail letters to homeowners with a current FHA or VA loan or those that qualify for a reverse mortgage […]

Reverse Mortgage Process

Most homeowners have gone through the mortgage process at least a few times by the time they get to retirement age. For various reasons: bought a new home, lower their current mortgage rate or get cash out to consolidate other debts or pay for a big ticket like college or a big improvement to the […]

Reverse Mortgage Loans Help Homeowners Make The Most Of Home Equity

After retirement, many homeowners may be looking for ways to pay for all of their expenses. This is becoming more difficult in our current economy due to certain decreasing government benefits and unexpected pitfalls. Homeowners may be less prepared for retirement than they expected. The Center for Retirement Research discovered that more than 60% of […]