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Banks put a break on retail loan

The Flow of personal loans declines 0.1 per cent in the year to October 2009. The reduction of credit norms for unsecured loans is showing. According to statistics, flow of personal loans declined 0.1 per cent in the year up to October 2009, as against a 15 per cent rise a year ago. The Reserve […]

The Mortgage Forgiveness Bill of 2007: Will it Raise or Lower your Taxes?

One of the most controversial and paradoxical real estate and mortgage finance stories to hit the media in recent weeks was that of a newly crafted real estate tax bill – the so-called Mortgage Forgiveness Bill of 2007. The bill, which may help you hold onto your money if you face foreclosure but will likely […]

Payday Loans – Fast Cash For Financial Emergencies

If you financial emergency, you may be looking for a fast cash payday loan to help your situation. There are some important things to look into before you apply for a payday loan. It\’s a good idea to take some time to research payday loans first. Many people are in a rush to get a […]

Are Loan Modification Companies Worthy?

Consider loan modifications an option, particularly if you are facing foreclosure. There are many people that wonder what a company can do that they could not do on their own. This is a very valid question. Loan modifications take your existing loan contract, typically your mortgage, and modify the contract. Homeowners may remember the hundreds […]

Government Grant For Debt Relief – Complete Listing Of Debt Government Loan Programs

The U. S. Federal Government offers a complete listing of all debt relief programs that are available for public consideration. During these difficult economic times, many individuals are searching for any type of financial assistance. The government online site has an up to date account for any type of debt relief assistance, student loan forgiveness […]