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Attorney Loan Modification

As you may expect, home mortgage loan mitigation is not a one size fits all endeavor. The universe of possible solutions is vast. Always use an attorney for ALL loan modifications that will thoroughly review your circumstances and desires before recommending a course of action. Your financial circumstances, existing loan documentation and legal rights should […]

Obama's Loan Modification – $75 Billion Homeowner Affordability And Stability Plan

President Obama has passed a new plan called the Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan. So what is it exactly? This plan is designed to help the millions of Americans that need assistance with loan modifications because they\’re having trouble affording their mortgage each month. This plan is funded with $75 billion so if you\’re struggling […]

Debt Forgiveness – How To Consolidate And Settle Debts For Little To Nothing

Wouldn\’t it be nice if there was someway to just wipe a little bit of your debt away? What if there was a competitive debt forgiveness program that allowed you to start over and get back on track? The cool thing for consumers today is that this type of solution does exist. Though consumers might […]

Payday Cash Advance Loans – Quick Option In Tight Times

Times are tight right now for many people. With the economy in trouble, everyone can use a helping hand. A cash advance business can be your helping hand. They can loan you the cash you need if you are between jobs, had an unexpected obligation arise, or have had medical problems. If you need cash […]

Banks put a break on retail loan

The Flow of personal loans declines 0.1 per cent in the year to October 2009. The reduction of credit norms for unsecured loans is showing. According to statistics, flow of personal loans declined 0.1 per cent in the year up to October 2009, as against a 15 per cent rise a year ago. The Reserve […]