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What is a Home Loan Modification & How Do I Successfully Negotiate One?

What is a Home Loan Modification? A mortgage loan modification is a process whereby the terms of the existing mortgage are modified to new terms that are more agreeable to the homeowner and lender. What’s the basic idea behind mortgage loan modifications?  How does this work? Lenders have been faced with staggering losses due to […]

Mortgage Lenders Bringing Criminal Prosecutions Against Homeowners In Loan Modification "Trap"

Ashburn, Virginia – November 13, 2009 — Some mortgage lenders are springing a “loan modification trap” of criminal prosecution against homeowners who try to avoid foreclosure, says a mortgage expert firm, Mortgage Fraud Examiners. Rather than cooperating with homeowners needing loan modifications, some lenders report struggling homeowners to the FBI or State authorities for bank […]

Loan Modification Help: An Overall View

Something went severely wrong somewhere and the big ship of dream drowned in endless despair-No it\’s not a celluloid film,it\’s the life story of million Americans who were fulfilling the big American dream of owning their home.Well,it can happen and situation can force you to file Massachusetts Bankruptcy.The black clouds of foreclosure now loom large.So,what […]

Mortgage Loan Modification: Stay Informed

Yes,with the recent economic scenario it has become common for home owners to get stuck in a loan which they hardly can afford to keep afloat.Situations which are outside the control such as poor economy,pink slips,pay cut and increasing prices for many of the things,have increased the number of people in financial crunch thus leading […]

Loan Modification Help: Are You Still in Dilemma?

The bleak economy is forcing more and more Americans to seriously look for the loan modification or atleast to bank on someone for serious loan modification help.In fact,a number of families are now struggling to stop Massachusetts Foreclosure in its track,or to stay up to date on their mortgage payment.As things stand now even in […]