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Are Loan Modifications Effective?

A common argument against loan modifications is that they only postpone the inevitable. The conclusion is that people who modify their loans will ultimately default anyway and lose their homes to foreclosure. There are countless examples that give weight to this argument; however, reasons for the failure of so many loan modification attempts need to […]

Loan Modification Help Center – Learn your options for stopping foreclosure now

Regardless of where you are at financially, it is almost never too late to avoid losing your home to foreclosure.  Qualified loan modification attorneys know that while it is easy to lose hope and fall into a place of inaction, you have many tools at your disposal. Options Contact your existing lender and see if […]

Feldman Law Center – Why Loan Modifications Are Better Than Short Sales

When facing the loss of their house, short sales are a method that some people choose to use in order to stop a foreclosure from taking place. This tactic takes place when it seems likely that the bank will lose less money than it would with a foreclosure. By definition, a short sale means that […]

Will a Loan Modification Harm My Credit?

Loan modification may not have an adverse effect on your credit, but missing out on your mortgage loan payments definitely will. You need to do everything you can to avoid foreclosure, because it will harm your credit for a long time. The effect of loan modifications on your credit rating will depend on what is […]

May A Loan Modification Loan Hurt Your Credit?

A loan modification is the answer to possible financial stress by providing affordable monthly payments so a homeowner can keep his home and avoid foreclosure. Nearly all major lenders have made the agreement to offer modification loans to those homeowners who are experiencing financial hardship. Hector Milla Editor of the \”Best Loan Modification Companies\” website […]