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The Obama's 2% Loan Modification Rate For Those Who Qualify

The nation has been suffering from one of the worst housing slumps, in recorded history. Record numbers of foreclosures are being recorded on a monthly basis. The housing bubble affected the entire housing market, from investing, equity, and pricing. The government has scrambled to put together plans to help keep struggling homeowners from losing their […]

Quarter of Teenagers would Fund Big Purchase With Loan

Almost a quarter of teenagers (24 per cent) would use personal loans or similar credit system to make large purchases, such as a car or a house, according to the latest research from the Nationwide Building Society. The building society conducted the study into young people and their finances ahead of the launch of a […]

Loan Modification Overview

As many homeowners are painfully aware, the national housing market has suffered from one of the worst economic crises in the history of our nation.  Not only have home values declined sharply in recent years, many homeowners have suffered drastic reductions in income as well.  As such, countless Americans now find themselves either presently unable […]

Easy Auto Loan Financing For People With Bad Credit

Easy auto loans are simple to get for people with less than perfect credit. Credit has a way of getting hard working people in trouble but with a little work and some good luck you can get financing even with bad credit. Bad credit loans for people are available through used car dealers. Hector Milla […]

May A Loan Modification Loan Hurt Your Credit?

A loan modification is the answer to possible financial stress by providing affordable monthly payments so a homeowner can keep his home and avoid foreclosure. Nearly all major lenders have made the agreement to offer modification loans to those homeowners who are experiencing financial hardship. Hector Milla Editor of the \”Best Loan Modification Companies\” website […]