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May A Loan Modification Loan Hurt Your Credit?

A loan modification is the answer to possible financial stress by providing affordable monthly payments so a homeowner can keep his home and avoid foreclosure. Nearly all major lenders have made the agreement to offer modification loans to those homeowners who are experiencing financial hardship. Hector Milla Editor of the \”Best Loan Modification Companies\” website […]

Defaults in Loan Modification Program Have Risen, But There is Still Hope

Since the introduction of the Home Affordable Modification Program by the Obama Administration, as well as its many additions, there have been mixed reactions from home experts, FHA lenders and consumers, but much of the feedback has been negative. While many experts believe that principal reduction, one of the aspects of HAMP, is the only […]

Citimortgage Loan Modification Program – Know Your Options

Those individuals who are having a hard time making the payments on their mortgage with Citi have some option to consider. Though foreclosure seems to be the most common thing in the real estate world today, the banks do not want to take this route. It is a better situation for everyone involved when people […]

Obama Home Rescue Plan – A Loan Modification Halts Foreclosure

The Obama home rescue plan is designed to help you keep your home and stop a foreclosure proceeding.  The program is called Home Affordable Modification and is funded by $75 billion of stimulus funds.  This bailout program is paid for by your tax dollars so don\’t hesitate to apply for a loan workout using this […]

Can’t Refinance? Then Get a Loan Modification…

If you live in areas such as south Florida and you bought a house within the last 5 years, then you are probably having equity issues, such as no equity or worst negative equity, which mean you are upside down and now owe more to you lender than your house is worth.  Or if you […]