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Mortgage Forgiveness Act Provides Income Tax Relief To Foreclosed Homeowners

What\’s positive about being foreclosed upon or selling your home for less than you owe? Well, for most people, not much. Yes, you are relieved of an onerous mortgage loan and you are now free to find housing that is more affordable within your budget. But not everyone fully understands the lingering effects of a […]

Debt Forgiveness

National Debt Relief Program Debt Forgiveness Debt forgiveness – how does it work? Why does it work? These are the topics of this informative article. We also offer resources at the end of this article for getting started with a debt forgiveness program. Negotiating debt is not a new concept. Dating back thousands of years, […]

You have a responsibility in a workout to present yourself in the light most beneficial to you

I review many self implemented Offers in Compromise to the SBA, Banks and other creditors, and I am frequently amazed at what I see. Friends, are you not paying attention?  You are in default. You are being foreclosed on or collected against, at the very least. You are facing liquidation and possibly foreclosure. That is […]

Student Loan Forgiveness:Roadmap to Financial Aid Success

The burden of paying for college usually falls into the arena of financial aid: it\’s the way that most students finance their educations in the United States and abroad. I will be showing you how to actually pay off some of that debt by adding another major or minor to your degree program and or […]