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Basics Of Home Loan Remortgage

A Home loan Remortgage takes place when the owner of the home pays off the existing mortgage with the proceeds of a new mortgage. (But he has used the same property as a security for taking on the new mortgage). To understand with the help of a hypothetical example, suppose that a certain Mr. Kumar […]

Credit Card Debt Forgiveness – Different Rules; Save 50%

The rules for credit card debt have changed drastically in recent years. In former years what an individual owed was a very had item to negotiate. The credit card companies had every legal right in the world to charge mountains of interest. Aurora Lillo Editor of the \”Best Debt Relief Programs\” website — — […]

Debt Forgiveness

Debt forgiveness can either be partial or total. Forgiving a debt can also be termed as debt relief. Debt relief has at times been a source of controversy with some people opposed to it. Some people have termed it as a blank cheque to governments. The main concern has always been that the savings will […]

Consolidate Loans And Eliminate Debt

As children, most individuals can hardly wait to grow up and become independent. The idea of not having to answer to Mom or Dad, and doing whatever they please is a worthy goal. Unfortunately, young people entering adulthood soon learn: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is not a reality. Now, […]

IRS Debt Relief – The Amount Of Debt Forgiveness As Taxable Income

One thing that many people do not realize when they try to get their debt forgiven is that, in many cases, this process can be considered taxable income. Therefore, by getting debt forgiven one can end up owing a large amount of money to the IRS, at a very high interest rate. This article will […]