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The Mortgage Forgiveness Bill of 2007: Will it Raise or Lower your Taxes?

One of the most controversial and paradoxical real estate and mortgage finance stories to hit the media in recent weeks was that of a newly crafted real estate tax bill – the so-called Mortgage Forgiveness Bill of 2007. The bill, which may help you hold onto your money if you face foreclosure but will likely […]

Finding Out When You Should Consolidate Student Loans

If you have just graduated from college, the likelihood is that you are under a large amount of debt in the form of student loans.  You might be wondering if there is any way to reduce the amount you have to pay.  One solution for reducing your debt is to consolidate your student loans.  Student […]

Government Grant For Debt Relief – Complete Listing Of Debt Government Loan Programs

The U. S. Federal Government offers a complete listing of all debt relief programs that are available for public consideration. During these difficult economic times, many individuals are searching for any type of financial assistance. The government online site has an up to date account for any type of debt relief assistance, student loan forgiveness […]

The Best Way To Find College Loans

In most families, parents are the main source of funding for college costs. With the costs of college spiraling upwards, however, parents and students often need to find additional sources of money. Here are some ideas on how many families and college bound students can pick up some extra help. The best sources of college […]

Modify your Automobile Loan in just 3 simple steps

A loan is a type of debt which is taken by the borrower from the lender. Loans can be of different types such as secured loan, unsecured loan, mortgage loan, demand loan, etc. Each loan can further be classified as home loan, car/ auto loan, personal loan, educational loan, business loans, etc. We will specifically […]