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IRS Debt Relief – The Amount Of Debt Forgiveness As Taxable Income

One thing that many people do not realize when they try to get their debt forgiven is that, in many cases, this process can be considered taxable income. Therefore, by getting debt forgiven one can end up owing a large amount of money to the IRS, at a very high interest rate. This article will […]

Debt Forgiveness – How To Consolidate And Settle Debts For Little To Nothing

Wouldn\’t it be nice if there was someway to just wipe a little bit of your debt away? What if there was a competitive debt forgiveness program that allowed you to start over and get back on track? The cool thing for consumers today is that this type of solution does exist. Though consumers might […]

SBA Offers in Compromise: The Rules are Changing or Debt Forgiveness!

It used to be that it would take about a year to get a return response from the SBA after an offer in compromise was submitted. The response would come directly from the SBA via a letter, either a rejection or a counter proposal or an acceptance. You would never be allowed to talk directly […]

Forgiveness Of Debt – Can It Be Possible?

If you have been involved with financial companies for more than 12 seconds, then you know that the idea of them \”forgiving\” some of your debt is a difficult one to grasp. These people are in the business of keeping you in debt and adding to your debt with useless fees that don\’t make much […]

The Mortgage Forgiveness Bill of 2007: Will it Raise or Lower your Taxes?

One of the most controversial and paradoxical real estate and mortgage finance stories to hit the media in recent weeks was that of a newly crafted real estate tax bill – the so-called Mortgage Forgiveness Bill of 2007. The bill, which may help you hold onto your money if you face foreclosure but will likely […]