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New Repayment Break on Student Loans Begins July 1

It’s not an easy time to be graduating from college with student loans. With the unemployment rate soaring toward 10 percent and the average starting salary for college graduates down 2.2 percent this year, student loan borrowers — whose average debt from student loans tops $22,000 — are now having an even tougher time affording their student […]

Financing Your College Education

Most people will agree than a college degree is the most important factor in securing your future. Receiving an education from a college or university allows you to have a career that might otherwise be out of your reach. One of the stumbling blocks many prospective students come across is finding the funds to pay […]

Loans For School: Finding The Right College Loans

If you recently won the Lottery or got really lucky in Las Vegas, this article is not for you. Most students, though, come to realize how important it is to find good loans for school to pay the expenses that were not covered by savings, grants or scholarships. Before we discuss some of the most […]

Bad Credit School Loans- Now Enjoy Your School Life Hurdle-Freely

There are lots of expenses in one’s school life. One has to pay his tuition fees, admission charges, purchase notes and other study materials, food expenses or even the lodging charges etc. All such kinds of expenses need an enough amount of funds to be invested in these. But, the bad credit people are not […]

Student Loans For Bad Credit – Study While Making Timely Payments Of Your Bills

A student is future of tomorrow. He has to depend on various sources for his enormous daily needs like tuition fees, Computer cost, hostel fees and cost of books. And if we talk about the modern time, when cost of education is at peak, then some of the parents cannot afford such a high cost. […]