Student Loan Consolidation Programs

Why you should get with the program.

Student loan consolidation programs are programs which are designed to help a student or ex-student to consolidate his government, federal and private student loans. Student loan consolidation programs help a student in the following ways:

1. By consolidating student debt, student loan consolidation programs offer a hassle free way of paying student debt. Once the debt is consolidated, you only need to pay one bill to the student loan consolidation programs.

2. Student loan consolidation programs should help the student to get out of debt by maintaining communication with the students creditors to arrange for payment of debt.

3. Student loan consolidation programs help manage the students monthly payments.

When using student loan consolidation programs, be carefully not to consolidate your federal student loans with private student loans. Federal student loans offer a tax deductible advantage whereas private student loans do not. If you consolidate the two together in student loan consolidation programs then you will loose the advantages of a federal student loan.

Student loan consolidation programs often offer very low interest rates which means that by consolidating your student loans using student loan consolidation programs you can save money on your repayments.

Student loan consolidation programs also often offer a longer repayment period which means that the repayments of your student loan will be lower since the repayment period is longer which may help to take the stress off your own shoulders.

Loans which can be consolidated using student loan consolidation programs include:

  • All federal direct lending student loans.
  • Students’ loans for health education assistance.
  • Subsidized federal student loans.
  • Private Student loan taken from any authorized financial institution.
  • Unsubsidized federal student loans.
  • Federal supplementary loans for students.

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