Soldier or Jihadi ?

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Soldier or Jihadi

Even as Kabul burns, Baghdad simmers, Lahore boils an American Muslim soldier rants the air with cries of Allah oh Akbar and kills thirteen of his fellow American soldiers as also injuring twenty-five others. The message is clear that the communal passions are all set to inflame the clash of civilizations in the days to come.

Singapore offers a much earlier warning of the power of religious passion trespassing military discipline. A little noticed First World War memorial in the heart of the city state recalls the mutiny by British Indian troops when they were ordered to embark for West Asia to fight Turkey and the Caliphate. The mutineers were captured and executed: they were all Muslims.

Today we are entering an era of turbulent and dangerous change not witnessed before. The need of the hour is that we desperately need a think tank to understand the nuances of Islam only then can the world fight the war on terror. Right since the 1993 Mumbai serial bombings to today the Indian govt and its security agencies are just about groping its way in the dark, they have no real policy to contain and stop the burgeoning flow of radical Islam, which has filtered down all segments of its society maybe even its armed forces.

It is certain that the shootings by an American Muslim soldier on his collogues  are bound to generate a second and may be even a third look at questions of security on military posts of all the armed forces in America , UK, India, France and other European countries.

The fact that Major Nidal Malik Hasan used two handguns suggests that this was a premeditated and planned act of mass killings and not an act of spontaneity. Security experts noted, it took a lot of ammunition to shoot so many people, another indication of premeditation.

It’s an established fact that the jihadis shout Allah oh Akbar before shooting down innocents or blowing up bombs. The same rants of Allah oh Akbar has been the battle cry of Muslim armies all over the world since the inception of Islam; the Pakistani soldiers are no exception. The underlying point that the security agencies and armed forces have to comprehend is that what makes an ordinary Muslim man or women a fanatic, what is it that motivates him or her to perform the most dastardly acts in the name of his religion.

Major Hasan used to attend prayers at the mosque at least once a day seven days a week. Witnesses said he shouted Allah oh Akbar before spraying his victims with bullets. He was a devout Muslim. As recent as July 2009 he was promoted to the rank of a Major. With this act of mass killings the image, which the Muslims try to portray of the religion of peace lies in tatters.

Some Muslim friends of Major Hasan said that the American military should examine the policies that might have caused him to snap, squarely putting the blame on the United States administration and foreign policy. What if tomorrow in the event of hostilities with Pakistan some of the Muslims in the Indian armed forces rebel as in today’s speedily changing times they could perceive killing the Pakistani soldiers their fellow religionists as anti Islamic. Let’s not forget the full name of our neighboring country is ‘The Islamic Republic Of Pakistan’.

All army, navy and air force commanders are today faced with a nightmare scenario as far as Muslims in their force are concerned.

No doubt, that in the 1965 and 1971 war with Pakistan the Muslims fought shoulder to shoulder with their Hindu, Sikh and Christian brothers against the Islamic army of Pakistan. Nobody can forget the supreme sacrifice of Abdul Hamid who single handedly blew up four Pakistani tanks and in the process martyred himself for his mother land India. But today the scenario is rapidly changing, radical Islam is in the aggressive mode, it is terror we are fighting not just terrorists, the battlefields are the mainstream cities and towns, the shopping malls, hospitals, technology institutes, five star hotels, theaters, airports, railway stations even schools. The future wars will be fought right in our midst, on the streets, in our office and residential buildings and not far away on the borders of Rajasthan, Punjab or Ladak. Sleeper cells of the terrorists are there in every city, town and village of India.

There could be street-to-street fights/battles, the emergence of Islamic terrorism is transforming warfare, evoking a new form of battle lines and changing the war aim. Achieving states of terror or a Muslim caliphate all over the world is their goal. Just attempting to stop this virus will not be enough; the collective might of the nation state will have to do much more.

Today the Indian society and media is so cowed by multiculturalism and political correctness that supposedly intelligent people are prone to making excuses for any Muslim even if he is directly or indirectly involved in mass murder and the same goes for our print and electronic media.

Whenever there is a terrorist attack, the same old charade is played again. Politicians will meet with interfaith leaders including Muslims, over fear of retaliation. The same old ‘religion of peace’ hijack will be dusted off, played and paraded about.

A regular Muslim takes advantage of all that democracies like India/America has to offer like

1- Good education

2- Enlisting in jobs in public/private/police and armed forces sectors.

3- Huge discounts to go to Mecca.

4- Freedom to practice his religion.

5- Belief of Hindus/Indians that all religions and cultures are equal.

6- Clean environment to live in.

7- Enlisting in the army, being paid, and promoted despite reservations about his efficiency.

8- Higher studies at army’s/govt expense.

9- Access to easy bank loans.

Yet he is prone to kill non-Muslims and refuses to kill Muslims, to him his religion takes precedence above all other allegiances – his country, family and even humanity. The time for political correctness is over.

Today there are fatwa’s issued to Muslims against even singing the Vande Mataram by the most ardently followed sects of Islam. Tomorrow the Muslim clerics from India or Saudi Arabia could issue a fresh fatwa declaring that a Indian Muslim soldier should not kill a Pakistani soldier as it could tantamount to kufr (against Islam) and vice versa

The Indian army has already faced some desertions by Muslim soldiers in the last few years. Going against the air force discipline a Muslim officer in the Indian air force has reportedly filed a case for he wants to grow a beard according to the Islamic laws. Of course French, British, American and Indian Muslims are as loyal as any one else to their countries. However, secular loyalty is different from religious commitment especially if one is a Muslim. For any Muslim it could be a conflict situation – a clash of loyalty between nation and religion. Who will win is anybody’s guess.

The safety and security of our armed forces and their equipment is of foremost importance because on it hangs the lives and deaths of 140 crores Indians, Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Sikhs alike.

I hope the Indian armed forces and security administration takes note of my article seriously and immediately under take preventive measures to safeguard the Indian military apparatus. Our armed forces should not cow down before the manipulations or directives of the Con – gress, NCP govt or else we shall lose the war without winning the battle. The Indian armed forces are the last and only hope of India and all Indians.

Cancellation of the highly flawed reservation policy in all sectors is necessary if India has to survive.

Islamic terrorism remains the crazy aunt you have locked up in the attic. Nobody wants to talk about her, but once in a while the screaming is too loud to ignore.

Hello out there “SICKULARIST INDIA” will you open the door? The Jihadi soldier is ringing your doorbell.


Author of the fiction “Assassination Of George Bush”

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