Political Action Stump Speech ‘mayor of Los Angeles’

Good afternoon Los Angeles.

It is a fundamental day that we all have gathered here.

From time to time we have to hear from our elected leaders directly about the fulfillment of their promises about the state of the economy that has registered the growth rate; the level and quality of the governmental service that is gaining the reputation performing fiscal responsibility in Los Angeles; and about the city’s security that is gained with the help of the Los Angeles police and fire departments that are doing their work really well.

I ask you to dream about a different Los Angeles, about the great global city of the 21st century in which children do not afraid to go to school, in which we are growing greener.

Ladies and gentlemen,

In the present LA there are many problems that are to be solved as quickly as possible.

The first problem that must be decided is the rent control problem. The possible solution is a linked-deposit policy that can use the city’s deposits to make banks end redlining practices but instead of it to make loans to potential homebuyers and developers of affordable housing.

The second one is the problem of public transport.

Although Los Angeles has got a reputation for the outdoor lifestyle, however, it has many problems to solve. Many planning leaders think that Los Angeles has led the way in creating environments that discourage physically active transportation options such as walking and bicycling.

The present questions need an active participation of city council members and planning and public health commissioners, those who work in the areas of planning, public works, and transportation; public health professionals.

I am glad to tell you that a social program has been worked out. Strong and energetic people are working in the transportation departments. They are working hard together to achieve the common aims and to make our wish come true.

We all want to see the future Los Angeles as the greenest and cleanest city in the world. That is why we are planning to plant a million trees here.

Besides, I believe we need to work more on our after-school programs as children are our future, the future of our nation.

We are to provide places where students can gather, particularly during after-school hours, and access programs, including technology centers, drama and literacy programs.

The after-school program has several goals: a safe environment, enhanced opportunities via the integration of an educational support structure, educational enrichment activities to supplement the regular program, recreational activities and interpersonal skills and self-esteem development.

Also, I believe that we need to stand up and face the problem of crime in Los Angeles.

According to the strategic plan, we need to enlarge our police staff up to 1000 officers during the next five years.

This is a complex challenge and we need to accumulate all our forces to gain our common goals. Consequently, let us create the new chapter in the history of the USA.

Now we should recollect the words of Shakespeare – “Action is eloquence”. It is upon us to make our dreams come true!

God bless you all.

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