Himfr.com Reports The Development Of Ceramics Industry Revelation Of Dehua

   1, the concept of innovation to help move tens of thousands of farmers into the main body of the market economy. As the saying goes: emancipating the mind, Huangjinwanliang. Germany 15% of who hope it will go to break, a spell on its own development. Since 1985 in order to warm Keren represented entrepreneurs, farmers and vigorously promote the ”Ganpin will win” the Taiwanese spirit, focusing on reform and opening up opportunity, first in the world, dare to go out into the market to introduce the development of the western small – Craft porcelain, has changed over the years 1000 to produce traditional ceramics Dehua porcelain carving based development model, a new vitality to Germany-based ceramics gradually grow to become pillar industries.


   2, bite into the industrialization and urbanization, and never waver. First, in order to ceramics as a pillar industry, pay close attention to industrial development. The reform and opening up, Dehua bold reform, free hand to develop individual and private economy, and continuing to adopt talent, technology, capital and other preferential policies to encourage technological innovation, developing new products, greatly promoting the development of ceramic industry. The second is to speed up construction of small cities and towns large Chengguan efforts to achieve rural urbanization. Liberation Dehua less than one square kilometer area of Chengguan, with the deepening of reform and opening up, the county, the county government to implement large Chengguan development strategy, taking simultaneous transformation of the old and the new district policy, to speed up employee apartments, affordable housing construction, implementation of the ”benefit of projects” to promote the residence of foreign workers, education system reform, to attract the rural population to gather Chengguan expanding the county seat.


    3, the soft environment for enterprise development and create a good platform. The first is from the ”relaxed decentralization” to ”policy package.” The party’s congress before the county in the individual and private enterprise registration, tax, loans, land, etc. bold breakthrough in the reform of traditional false imprisonment, for the individual and private enterprises active ”relaxed decentralization.” 15 Congress, county, the county government again in the laws and regulations within the scope of individual and private economic distribution ”policy package”, the various policies and regulations of inequality and arbitrary collection of fees to clean up the problem, reducing the burden on enterprises, in order to give the green light the development of enterprises, has developed a variety of preferential policies to support enterprise development to ensure that individual and private enterprises in a relatively relaxed environment, and healthy development.

    Second, is to transform government functions. Felt from the people most intuitive cadres ”Family Resource Centers” to proceed, in the broad majority of civil servants carry out the ”everyone is everyone in the investment environment on behalf of Germany-based image of the” activities, and firmly establish the ”four kinds of consciousness”, namely: to establish always represent the the overwhelming majority of the people’s fundamental interests of the sense of serving the people wholeheartedly; establish strictly for the masses, for the enterprise is responsible for, think what they are thinking, anxious people are anxious, do a solid job for each job responsibility; establish strict accordance with the national the Constitution, laws and regulations, law-based legal awareness; establish a subjective initiative into full play and creativity, the courage to explore bold and strive to create a new situation in rural work and innovation. Third, efforts made to combat social unrest, strengthen enterprise security product inspection, to production to create a secure and stable environment for development.


    4, the park building for gathering and upgrading of enterprises. In order to solve the initial stage of enterprise development there ”to the village for a war, in order to township for a war, a village one product, a village one industry, the village ignition, smoke everywhere, scattered layout, lack of force” and other issues, county county In accordance with ”planning in one step, construction, step by step, the project rolling development”, the idea of building a number of fine industrial parks, so that planning and construction of industrial park development in combination with the large Chengguan with the combination of optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, focusing on protecting the ecological environment , take the road of sustainable development, so that ”the park things you (enterprises) of self-regulation, the park’s something I (the Government) to manage.” Xun in town, such as the county built a rational layout and functional city, the east, poetry pier, the World Bureau, Dosaka, Yue Tao, New Walled seven industrial district, covers an area of 3000 mu, gathering 95 of the town % of ceramic manufacturers.


   5, the Government set up the stage to become the fast-growing business booster. One is to increase investment promotions. Has organized enterprises in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Fuzhou, Xi’an and other cities held Mingci exhibition, has made great achievements. The second is to increase scientific and technological input. In order to consolidate the upgrading of existing Western small-craft ceramic production, most of the ceramic enterprises or research institutes are equipped with ceramic studio, first in the nation-wide technological transformation of ceramic kilns, electric kilns, coal mines, oil kilns, liquefied gas kiln in succession replaced with the traditional pine-lung ceramic fuel, protecting the ecological environment, improve the quality of ceramic products. Third is to promote the building of e-commerce platform. Fourth, increase investment in personnel training. Dehua Ceramic Institute founded to develop the introduction of talent incentive mechanism to promote technological innovation talent, technology-driven product innovation and structural transformation, the transformation of high-tech achievements as a ceramic enterprises new economic growth point and source of growth.

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