Get On Track With Debt Consolidation

Do your finances look like a train wreck? Are you writing out multiples checks each month or visiting dozens of websites to make all of your payments? Are you paying on high interest credit cards to the point that you feel you may never get them paid off? Did you sign on for an adjustable rate mortgage and now your payment has nearly doubled over the original amount you were paying on your home? If you relate to any of these situations, it may be time to consolidate your debt.

One Payment For Multiple Loans

Consolidation of your debt will streamline the payments that you make each month. When you consolidate, you are putting all of the debt you owe from all your creditors together – and paying a debt consolidation lender one payment that constitutes payment on everything that you include in your debt consolidation loan. You can include all or just part of the debts you owe into your debt consolidation loan. The new lender will pay off the amounts that you owe, and absorb all the debt – you then repay them (usually at a better rate).

Pay Off Ridiculously High-Interest Credit Cards

The most commonly included debt for debt consolidation is credit card debt. A lot of credit cards offer great terms up front, but a few years down the road the initial introductory offer has worn off and you may be paying a ridiculously high rate of interest on the charges you have made. Or perhaps you were late on one payment – this may have caused your introductory rate to soar to the default rate. Credit card companies are notorious for putting small print on the offer that no one bothers to read – until they get slammed with a 19.99% or higher interest rate because their payment arrived a day or two late. By combining this expensive credit card debt into your consolidation loan, the lender pays off the balance you owe and allows you to repay at your debt consolidation loan interest rate. The savings can be significant as you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel with your scandalously expensive credit card debt.

Kick Your Adjustable Rate Mortgage To The Curb

The second most common item in a debt consolidation is adjustable rate mortgages. When you took out your adjustable rate mortgage, chances are market conditions were favorable and you were looking at an affordable payment that did not stretch your budget to the max. Now, with the economic downturn that the economy is in, many adjustable rate mortgage homeowners have lost their home due to their housing payment nearly doubling after just a few years. Adjustable rate mortgages are hardly ever a good idea; by including your adjustable rate mortgage in with your debt consolidation, you can lock in a fixed and dependable interest rate that you can afford based on your income and budget.

Borrow Funds For Any Purpose

You can include any debt that you want to refinance with your debt consolidation. This includes automobile loans, department store cards, and student loans. You can also ask for additional money that you might be in need of for home repairs, purchase of furniture or appliances, education, travel, and more. The amount that you borrow will be financed in with all your current debts.

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