Federal Debt Consolidation Loans

In these hard economic times, countries are helping their citizens to clear away their debts as opposed to letting them declare bankruptcy. This is because declaring bankruptcy negatively affects on a countrys economy and this is what nations are trying to avoid. The way through which countries are helping their citizens is through giving federal debt consolidation loans.

The loans operate on the same principle as the credit facilities extended by other firms that are in the private sector. They help borrowers to merge all outstanding bills and pay them off as one single liability. In this case, you will clear with all other creditors and be left to settle the bill with the government.

To benefit from low interest rates, you may want to apply for secured loans as compared to unsecured ones. The government especially has special consolidation loans for students. Students who have borrowed more than one loan can easily benefit from the government program. There are two programs in particular which a student can choose from.

One is the direct consolidation loan program, which helps a student clear off an existing credit facility and immediately after, offers another loan which is equivalent to the sum of the merged debts. The other program is the federal Family Education Loan Program which assists a student to pay off all existing loans, be they educational or not. As for the repayment plan, one can choose among the four options provided, which are

1. ICR or Income Contingent Repayment plan
2. Extended payment plan
3. Graduated payment plan and
4. Standard plan

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