Consolidated Student Loans – Making The Loan Management Easier

With the consolidated student loans it is possible to pay less for the money owed, because the credit score of the graduate has usually improved. Note, that you cannot combine the private and the federal student loans into one consolidated loan, but they must be consolidated separately.

1. The Timing.

If you want to enjoy about the consolidated student loans, you have to take action during the so called grace period, i.e. within 6 months after the graduation. If you will consolidate student loans after the grace period, your interest rate will be higher. You have a chance to consolidate the same loans only once. But if you will take more new loans, then you can take another run with the consolidation.

2. The Federal Loans Have 4 Payment Alternatives.

These options make the payment flexible. You can pay as the fixed monthly sums, as the gradually increasing payments, as your income sensitive payments or you will pay over a certain minimum sum every time during an agreed time period.

3. The Special Federal Loan Benefits.

If you go back to school, you can defer the federal loan consolidation payments, but not the private ones. You can get a tax benefit with the federal loans and you can get the forgiveness in some situations. If you will pass away and you will have unpaid federal loans, they will be forgiven. You will not need a co-signer for the federal loans.

4. The Qualification.

To be able to qualify for the federal loan consolidation, you must be at the grace or repayment period, you cannot be in the default status with any of the loans, your loans must be at least $ 10.000 and you have not consolidated the same loans earlier.

5. When The Repayment Begins?

After your loan has been funded you will receive a letter called Federal Loan Consolidation Disclosure Statement and Repayment Schedule. And thirty days after your loan has been funded you have to start the payments following the schedule, you have received. As you see from this short article, both the private and federal student loan consolidations include a lot of details, which are very useful to know. Talk with other students or graduates and get expert information from the officials already before your graduation.

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