CLEP Tests Offer Benefits To Both Current And Future College Students

Many adults, young and old, have the dream of someday obtaining a college degree. However, often, many adults find that they do not currently have the time or money required to attend college. These adults may be surprised to learn that there is a way that they can obtain college credits without even paying costly tuition or attending classes! Using CLEP exams (College Level Examination Program), these adults can obtain numerous college credits at a fraction of the cost of regular tuition and in less time than is required to take the class. CLEP tests are standardized exams, generally containing between 80 and 140 multiple choice questions, which students can take to demonstrate college level proficiency in thirty-four different subjects such as Introductory Sociology, United States History I and II, and Spanish. CLEP exams cover material generally taught in the first two years of college. Most passing CLEP test score can result in the student obtaining between and 3 and 6 credits; passing scores on foreign language CLEP exams can result in as many as 12 credits. Each CLEP test costs $70 to take and is administered at over 1,400 testing centers across the United States and abroad.

Although each college degree requires a different combination of courses, most colleges require students to take general education classes, such as lower level English, history, social sciences, and science courses. CLEP tests can often provide credits for these general education courses. In addition, CLEP test scores are available for 20 years after the exam is taken. Therefore, even if the adult isn’t currently enrolled in college, with over 2,900 colleges and universities accepting CLEP, it is likely that he or she can transfer in the CLEP test credits once enrolled. Because each school’s CLEP policies and degree requirements are different, students are encouraged to talk to their enrollment or guidance counselor about using CLEP credits.

Adults currently enrolled in college can benefit from CLEP tests in a variety of ways. The most obvious benefit of CLEP exams is the ability to earn college credits without having to pay expensive tuition and without having to take the class. Using CLEP tests to earn college credits results in fewer classes the student actually has to take, which, in turn, results in less tuition and often fewer student loans. Students who take CLEP exams to earn credits are often able to lighten their course load during one or more semesters.  In addition, gaining credits through taking CLEP tests often helps students to graduate sooner.

Some people may find that they already possess the knowledge required to pass a CLEP test due to prior life, work, or cultural experience. Other students will need to study in order to pass their CLEP test. CLEP tests offer flexibility to students in that students can prepare for and take CLEP exams on their own schedule. A variety of resources exist to help students prepare for CLEP exams. These resources include printed, downloadable, and online CLEP study guides, cds, dvds, and college textbooks.

SpeedyPrep is a web-based company offering 100% online question-based CLEP test preparation. SpeedyPrep currently offers online study courses for thirteen different CLEP exams. This unique CLEP test prep system features tracking software that monitors students’ studying progress and alerts the student when he or she has demonstrated a level of competence required to pass the CLEP test. Using the SpeedyPrep system, students can prepare for their CLEP test in as little time as a few days or weeks. Using, students can quickly and affordably prepare for their CLEP exams. Whether they are currently enrolled in college or wish to pursue a degree in the future, adults can gain valuable college credits with CLEP tests.

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