Buyahin Nating Muli Ang Maynila And Providing Livelihood And Employment

Former Manila mayor Lito Atienza, one of the most revered leaders of the city; is staging a comeback bid at the city’s mayoralty seat which he vacated after completing a full term. The only mayor in the city’s rich history to serve a full term, Lito Atienza has pledged to continue his devotion and dedication in building the city and improving the lives of the Manilenos. Under his banner, ”Buyahin Nating Muli ang Maynila”, Atienza has penciled numerous infrastructure projects and livelihood programs which are designed to benefit the city’s residents.

The program ”Buyahin Nating Muli ang Maynila” of Lito Atienza echoes the former mayor’s dream of providing the Manilenos with a city that they can call their own, and which they will care for. To realize this goal, the former Manila mayor has pledged to continue his livelihood and economic projects which are dedicated to improve the living conditions within the city. Atienza has also promised the city residents a better chance of improving their lives through job creation, livelihood programs, decent shelter, and education and learning opportunities. Moreover, Atienza has promised to exert all the necessary efforts to help the city’s unemployed residents and provide them with employment opportunities. ”Buyahin Nating Muli ang Maynila” is centered on the city’s economy which is seen by Atienza as the effective antidote against poverty and can help in instilling self-reliance among the city’s poorest residents. Among the primary economic programs of Lito Atienza is providing employment opportunities for the city’s unemployed and providing the necessary financial support for small and medium enterprises which can fuel job creation. The economic program is composed of a number of projects, all of which are dedicated to improve the quality of life of the people of Manila particularly those who are impoverished.

Atienza will priotize the protection of the rights and interests of the pedicab and tricycle drivers by requiring them to secure a license.With this program, illegal activities like unlawful collections and extortions from these small operators and drivers will be prohibited.Atienza has also promised to organize the vendors operating within the city. Atienza has planned on launching an organized vending program in which vendors will be relegated to operate in certain areas only, as a way to improve the convenience of their customers and to help these vendors earn more.

To help the city’s small entrepreneurs including vendors, drivers and ordinary workers, Atienza will spearhead the establishment of cooperatives where members can avail of loans and capital for their livelihood. Atienza also plans to encourage the city’s residents to grow herbal plants as a livelihood alternative. Under this program, every barangay will partake in the growing of herbal plants like lagundi, oregano, aloe vera, malunggay and tanglad.The collected herbal plants will be acquired by the local government and will be sold to the companies who use them.

Atienza will also provide skills and livelihood training for the city’s unemployed residents. Skills and livelihood training will feature short courses on cellphone repair, restaurant and hotel services, haircutting, reflexology, dress making and many more.Atienza will also launch programs that are meant to generate money from wastes and garbage. Under this program, residents will be leaning the proper way to make charcoal from wastes as a way of providing them with livelihood.

Under his program, ”Buyahin Nating Muli ang Maynila”, formerManila Mayor Lito Atienza has pledged several programs which are designed to provide employment and livelihood opportunities to the city’s unemployed and impoverished. Atienza has vowed to continue his crusade against poverty and continues to be committed in uplifting the lives of the city’s impoverished residents. Atienza plans to focus on the city’s economy which he views as the immediate solution to address the poverty incidence in the city.

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