Bring Home an Asset From School – not a Boat Load of Debt

It is no surprise that college students are bringing home more than a degree when they graduate these days. The average indebted graduating senior was $17,600 in debt on graduation day last year, according to a study by the Center for Economic and Policy Research, while a Detroit News examination of national college loans found that over the last two years student borrowing has risen 38 percent. Not only that, but many are finding jobs in occupations they don’t really like.

There are other college students that are dreaming of big bucks and have a real opportunity to graduate nearly debt-free, while learning something of passion, earning real work experience and gaining valuable experience.What is the difference between the two groups? Instead of working in restaurants and doing odd jobs earning meager wages they start their own dorm room business. In some cases they come out with more cash then the started with.

Many questions need to be thought through. What opportunities are out there for a business out of a dorm? What do your fellow students need? What do you like? What communities are there at school?

The first goal is to find your passion. No only can you make money but true happiness comes when you ”do” what you’re most passionate about. If you are going to put energy into something isn’t it easier if you like what you are doing? The same hold true with finding a business. You want to find something that you are interested in so that it is easy to talk to people about it. What types of products or service are you interested in? What products can you easily distribute? Do you like health products, fuel economy technologies, online shopping or energy drinks? What is hot now – Energy Drinks, health products, beauty products and weight loss products.

What kind of business works for best for college students? What businesses provide a proven business system? Have you looked at personal franchise opportunities? Like a franchise, the business owner buys the rights to distribute an existing product line. Usually at a very reasonable cost – $100 – $500. These businesses provide the business owner with proven business systems. Many opportunities offer life skills and practical education increasing the chances of finding employment in their job market – lessening the chance that those years of effort won’t disintegrate into minimum wage jobs.

What is your overhead? Usually much lower then a franchise because they do not manage a storefront operation. It is all done through word-of-mouth, personal demonstrations or internet marketing. This is best suited for students because they are continually networking with other students, use the internet and computers regularly. The best opportunities offer long-term educational programs that hone leadership, salesmanship and communication skills. And as you will find out shortly, the fees are tax deductible along with many other expenses.

Typically a distributor buys a product from a company, sells it to customers and earns a commission, usually about 25%. All done online. The distributor also recruits, sponsors or trains other distributors for which they receive ongoing compensation under a variety of compensation plans which vary from company to company. These types of businesses, direct distribution channel, attracts customers by keeping prices lower than in the traditional retailing business system.

The benefit of direct distribution can be enormous. In addition to comprehensive training and minimal startup costs, this method of doing business offers you the choice of either full time or part time work, great tax benefits and a the ability to work out of your Drom room, room or house. You take a minimal risk while working for a reputable national or international business. By building your own network of distributors, you can also create a passive income. All of the backend service like order processing, shipping, accounting, personal web sites and insurance are typically handled by the company. Most importantly, this type of business allows you to invest your money and time in what you love to do, with pre-tax dollars because you are operating a business making you a profit in the long term

Before committing yourself to a particular company, you need to evaluate it. Is it a valid company? Are you right for this type of business? Do you know what product you have passion for? Is the company and the people you associate yourself with run them with honesty and the highest ethics?

Earning enough money to pay bills and live comfortably while in college has less to do with luck than finding the right business opportunity.

Colleges have posting boards where like-minded students find all kinds of information, including opportunities to run a business.

To your success and no debt after school!

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