Best Debt Consolidation – Best Solution for Debt Free Life

What is a debt consolidation loan?

Almost everyone is talking about resorting to debt consolidation these days. Ever since plastic money came into vogue, it has become normal for people to accumulate debts. Debt consolidation loans seem then to be the solution to all debt related issues.

Simply put debt consolidation loans entail collation of all existing debts. A fresh loan is now taken against an asset as security to repay this collated debt. This new loan entails low interest rates and flexible repayment terms which mean automatically greater savings for you.

How to acquire debt consolidation loans?

A home equity loan or a mortgage against your home as collateral in exchange for funds to repay your creditors is the best debt consolidation method. While home equity loans guarantee you secured debt as opposed to credit card debts which are unsecured by any collateral, know that the former presents greater risk wherein defaulting results in loss of this asset.

This is why debt consolidation requires careful planning and contemplation. One of the best ways to discipline oneself would be by getting rid of credit cards and paying only by cash when required to make purchases. This will enable a compulsive spender to keep track of money in hand and the amount spent.

Many consumers opt for 4 – 5 credit cards and stop spending only when the credit limit of the card has been exhausted. By the time realization strikes, they are neck deep in debt. While collating multiple debts irrespective of whether they are credit card bills, health bills, vehicle loans or education loans and transferring it to a debt consolidation home loan clears these debts, the debt as such is not wholly erased, and instead the statement arrives from a different source.

Once the debt is cleared some consumers failing to control their urge to spend, raise additional debts which results in them being pulled both ways: 1. having the current home equity loan to pay off and 2. An additional card debt which means the situation will fast reel out of control and the individual will most likely be forced to declare himself bankrupt.

Surfing the Internet offers agencies which provide online debt consolidation services. Some also provide free debt consolidation and these may be restricted to charitable organizations. Most financial institutions will levy a certain amount as fee but will agree to negotiate a low interest rate and repayment terms with your creditors in exchange for collateral.

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