Barack Obama and the New Ten Commandments

According to the Holy Scriptures, when the Son of God threw the money changers out of the holy place, he spoke against them and their greedy practices.  Today, the greedily rich money changers appear to us in the form of bankers, stockbrokers, insurers, credit and mortgage lenders.  These people are represented by their own political group, the Republican Party. 

In a not so strange twist of fate, the GOP is attempting to be the moral center of God’s people.  They seek to enact laws governing a woman’s God-given child bearing right to decide.  They attempt to divide His people by using ”holier than thou” references like ”illegitimate  child” and ”illegal alien.” 

Yet they ship the nation’s jobs abroad in search of cheaper labor so they can pad their off shore investment accounts.  All the while their country men, due to unscrupulous stock, mortgage, insurance and lending practices find themselves out of work and  robbed of their life’s savings.  They plead for jobs to replace the ones that were taken away, and are told there is no work. 

They ask for workman’s compensation so they could remain in their homes, feed their families, pay their medical bills, and educate their children.  The ”Party-of-No” laugh and ridicule them and call them lazy.  They instead proposed to fork over to the money changers billions of taxpayer dollars the people had been assessed when they were employed. 

The people elected someone new to lead them, Barack Obama to scrapple with the present day money changers and their shyster enablers.  President Obama arranged for the nation a new set of commandments.  But just as the news media is owned by Wall Street bankers and partnered with the GOP, the sum and substance of these commandments have not been fully explained to the people.

The GOP has vowed to regain control of the country and overturn the new consumer protection rights of the people.  Thus, it is important that we all know what our rights are so when the time comes, we’ll fully understand what we are fighting (voting) to keep.

Here then, is the top 10 Commandments of the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: 

I  Thou shall not engage in unfair credit card practices like rate hikes for existing credit card balances

II  Thou shall not permit mortgage brokers to any longer make higher commissions by selling mortgages they know consumers can’t afford.

III  Thou shall not charge for credit scores — which shall be available if one receives worse terms on a loan because of something on their credit report, or if they are rejected.

IV  Thou shall never again have taxpayer-funded bailouts.  If a company can’t make it, it will have to liquidate.

V  Thou shall not be without greater input by company shareholders over how much a CEO gets paid.  And companies’ compensation boards are now required to be truly independent.

VI  Thou shall not permit brokers who offer investment advice to act in their own best financial interests but in the best interests of their customers.

VII  Thou shall not permit financial firms to be allowed to grow so large that if one fails, it will affect the entire financial system.

VIII  Thou shall not be without an agency whose sole job is to make sure that consumers get the protections they deserve and to set clear rules to hold banks, mortgage companies, payday lenders, and credit card lenders accountable.

IX  Thou shall not charge businesses extra fees for debit card ”swipes fees” that exceed the cost of processing transactions.

X  Thou can learn plenty more about Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act at or     


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