Backpack Through Europe Vs. Study Abroad In Europe For The Summer

Before they get tied down with families and mortgages, many students decide to take a summer and explore the world.  While you could spend your money on a backpacking vacation through European countries, why not take the money and visit a favorite European country while at the same time earning college credits while studying abroad?  The study abroad option is a great one that will help you reach your educational goals while offer cross-cultural experiences that will last a lifetime and will be beneficial in finding a job in a global marketplace.  Three favorite destinations for students include programs allowing you to study abroad in England, Ireland and Italy.

Study Abroad England

When you study abroad in England, you will not have the usual language challenges that face many students who choose to study overseas.  There are great universities that offer overseas students the opportunity for study, including Kingston University, Lancaster University and the University of Kent-Canterbury, among others.  Students voted the University of Kent-Canterbury their top pick of London Universities in 2007, and for good reason.  The campus is nestled in the center of historic villages, featuring castles, and as well the area was home to some of the world’s most famous writers.

Study Abroad Ireland

Dublin and Carlow are some of the Irish cities that host universities offering study abroad possibilities.  If you wish to study business, the Dublin Institute of Technology School of Business offers customizable programs that will best suit your academic needs.  Another top Irish school, the Institute of Technology—Carlow, offers world class research opportunities in Biotechnology, Marketing and Engineering.

Study Abroad Italy

For the glorious and historic immersion possible only in Europe, many students make the choice to study abroad in Italy.  A private university in Milan, called the Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, offers classes taught in English, making for an easier transition into Italian culture.  

For all types of university-based European study abroad options, students will want to check with their home college or university to see if they allow Federal financial aid, including Pell grants and Stafford loans, to be applied to study abroad costs.  Students will want to study at accredited European universities that offer credits suitable for transfer back to your home college, so that you can work toward meeting your graduation requirements in an overseas environment.

For more information, look online for study abroad programs offering university courses taught in England, Ireland and Italy, and check with your home college’s financial aid and academic counselors.

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