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Office Violence – Detect the Forewarning Indicators & Triggering Gatherings

Our other posts on office violence report its nature and scope, our POSTAL method and behavioral account, and defusing strategies. Here we describe the forewarning symptoms and triggering occasions … and what to do when you detect them. The POSTAL Method for Office Violence Prevention: Profile + Observable Forewarning Indications + Shotgun + Triggering Celebration(s) […]

East Africa Regional Integration

Regional Integration in East Africa -Toward a United States of Africa- by Tatenda Zingoni Masters in Development Finance University of Stellenbosch Table of Contents                                                                                                         2                                                                                                                                                                                    PAGE Definition of Terms                                                                                                        3 List of Tables and Charts                                                                                            4 Regional Integration 1.1  Overview of regional integration                                                             5 1.2  Africa\’s regional blocs                                                                6   Overview […]

Government Study Loans – More Information About Them

Government study loans, study grants and scholarships are available to students across the US looking to study for higher education. This whether they want to study for an undergraduate Degree, Diploma or just any other accredited form of study. Students can get funding from many ways and these vary from government loans, private student loans […]

Want a Stress Fee Life? – Go for Debt Consolidation

People who have got themselves into the vicious cycle of multiple debts need to consider the option of debt consolidation. Debt consolidation comprises of merging all your pending loans into a single loan, and you now make a single payment to a single debt consolidation loan lender. This relieves you of the stress of dealing […]

Fagforening priser blog

Companies should be allowed to accept payments from employees who wish to be laid off last. And they should be able to use that money to help capitalize their business, rather than going to the bank for loans during a recession. After all, it is fair for employees to get together and unions or groups […]