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The Consequences of a Default Student Loan

Sometimes when people take out a fast student loan to pay for their college education, they end up getting caught in a slow and painful process when they can’t pay back their student loans. When a person simply stops paying, it is known as a default student loan. When people have a defaulted student loan, […]

Baby Boomers Give Florida Real Estate a Boost

As the economic status of people rises, there is a perceptible change in their expenses. This applies uniformly to all areas, including the purchase of real estate. The life style and spending patterns of affluent people foster the growth of business in the utility sectors, as well as those providing recreational amenities. The ambience of […]

Do I Need A Student Loan

Are you thinking about going to college, but are not sure how you will pay for it? Do you make too much money to get federal student funding? Then maybe you need a student loan. How can you tell? It\’s simple really. If you want to go back to college or are starting college for […]

2009 Year Review – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly From The American Political Class

Throughout 2009, while the country and it’s citizens were facing a terrible economy, foreign wars, extreme Congressional partisanship and sniping, no improvements in the major issues facing this country such as the soaring national debt, high unemployment, failing public schools, wide spread drug addiction problems, rising health care costs, and other major issues, what were […]

College Student Loans : Federal and Private Loans

College Student Loans : Federal and Private Loans When a student or parent sets out to obtain a loan and/or financing a college education there are a many different sources they can go to in order to acquire the funding necessary. However, there are two different categories of loans which are either federal loans or […]