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How to Spot Good Student Loan Consolidation Companies

Student Loan Consolidation like refinancing a mortgage is a convenient means of repayment. With this, you can merge your student loans into one big loan, thus, decreasing your periodical payment. In consolidating student loans, very low rate of interest applies along with a long repayment period. The periodical payments are cheaper as compared to the […]

School Loan Consolidation, The Way To Finish Your Studies Without Stress

Getting access to a student loan when you are in school can be a real burden reliever. You get to finish school without constant worry of the financial aspect of it. All good things end and once you are finished you will have to repay your loan. There are many ways to do this and […]

Bogus ‘Obama Mom' Grants Lure Students

After being laid off from her job as a high school teacher in Dayton, Ohio, Nicole Massey decided to go back to college. For months, she scoured the Web for ways to fund her tuition, while supporting her 10-year-old son, Tyler. So when ads turned up in Massey\’s inbox claiming that President Barack Obama had […]

How to Make Money From Your Consolidated Student Loans

One of the great things about student loans, and consolidated student loans in particular, is the low interest rate. By consolidating your loans you sometimes see a drop in the interest rate by 1-2%. It seems small and insignificant, but if you follow the tips from this article you can actually turn that reduction into […]

Can I Consolidate My Government Student Loan?

When consolidating your student loans you\’ll be combining your federal and single loans with only one single monthly repayment. This can reduce you repayments which are required under the 10 year repayment plan. Only lenders that are under the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) program can provide consolidation loans. So you can consolidate your loans […]